Last day of the year, working on last finish……..

This quilt has been in progress since October 2010.  There is a PDF download on the internet here for the original Kaffe pattern.  It was too narrow for me so I added more pieces as borders in April this year.  I added in a few star blocks too.

Just so I have a record of the backing too I took this photo.  The flowers don’t look like they run in rows when you are looking at it close up so I was surprised when I saw this photo.

I’m on the home stretch on the hand dyed fabric quilt.  This is the back before I was done stitching lines.  (Backing dyed by Melody Johnson about 15-20 years ago).

I finished the quilting late in the afternoon and sewed on the binding.  It is from a gradation piece that went from turquoise to blue to purple, a Vicki Welsh hand dye like the other fabrics that are in the quilt top.  The quilt isn’t quite this vivid.  The lights in my main floor studio aren’t perfect.  

I should be able to finish the binding today early enough to get a full shot of this one and to do my end of year recap to post tomorrow morning.



12 thoughts on “Last day of the year, working on last finish……..

  1. Looking forward to seeing your finishes this month/year. I really love your quilts. I went to the website and was amazed at the size of this quilt, too long and too narrow, no wonder you added something.

  2. Your recent projects are lovely Wanda! You seem to be on a roll. It's nice to finish up some of those older ones. Thats what I've been trying to do in these last few months.

    Happy New Year!!

  3. I never tire of reading about your decision making steps, the whys and the wherefores of your choices. Thank you for sharing all your lovely, bold and distinctive quilts this past year, Wanda. You're a talented lady, one of a kind, and we're lucky to be able to look over your shoulder as you create your beauties.
    Happy, happy New Year.

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