Quilting on two…….

I took the photo on the right first and the colors looked washed out.  I put the blue/gray fabric in the second photo and the yellows and pinks are truer colors.  This quilt is quite bright but you wouldn’t know it by the photo on the right.  What I was taking the photo for was to show how pretty the backing fabric looks with the front.  This one is quilted and trimmed now so I need to look for binding.

Next I chose the Superior King Tut colors for the hand dyed quilt.  I wound bobbins of the dark pink.

I put in a few rows of stitching.  Notice the colors difference in the 2 photos of this one?  In the top photo I laid a gray plastic on the edge of the quilt to focus on.  Those colors are true.  The second photo is dull in comparison.


9 thoughts on “Quilting on two…….

  1. I remember when I had my Canon camera (the old film kind) and I always had to focus on something at the side and then move the camera over. There is such a difference in your fabrics, it is a bright one, but lovely.

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