40" Trip Around the World sewn………

I wasn’t sure I would get it all sewn together.  I found a lot of other things to do yesterday but I worked on it last night until it was done.  I love the black “strings” dancing between the red and white fabrics.  I have several more red/black/white prints that could be used for borders so I’ll play with that next.


16 thoughts on “40" Trip Around the World sewn………

  1. Wanda, this quilt is really a show stopper. It is simple in color but powerful in pattern, value, and design. It is just stunning. Have a great Christmas! Thank you for sharing your photos. I look forward every day to them!

  2. I'm with Linda, I look forward to your posts to see what lovely thing you are up to! You just have an artist's touch. Many people might make a red, white, and black quilt and many others, including me hopefully soon, make Around the World quilts. But yours is one that everybody would stop and say, now that is a gorgeous quilt. For me that is one way to really know an artist, when they use the same tools, but the outcome is so arresting and extraordinary. So, yep, this quilt is lovely, lovely, lovely and thank you for sharing it! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  3. I don't think a day starts without looking at your fantastic quilts. This quilt is just gorgeous and I am anxious about the border, don't wait too long for it, we are all excited about this quilt, it's just beautiful.

  4. Good morning Wanda on this gloomy day before Christmas, although they did take the snow out of our forecast and are telling us that tomorrow will be sunny and mild for Christmas, in the mid 40's. Knowing how quickly you work, this quilt will probably be bound by the time we finish Christmas dinner tomorrow!
    Seriously, like the others, I look forward each morning to see what you are offering, in the way of instruction, tips, color theory, and the beauty of your creations, that you share so generously with all of us who join you each day.
    Merry Christmas Wanda!

  5. Wow! That is a very, very striking quilt! It just leaps off the screen! Your fabric and colour choices really turned this into something quite spectacular!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas, Wanda !! All that swapping, adding and deleting have certainly produced a stunning quilt !! I have a few arrangements ready to go for later !

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