After the party……

The gifts have been given, the party is over.  I needed something to sew on last night to unwind so I was happy I had sewn the stratas already for this Trip Around the World.  This will end up around 40″ square.  I ran out of room on this single design wall so I’ll sew about a third of it together and then move it to the left and unpick the rest of the loops.


16 thoughts on “After the party……

  1. Another feast for the eye in this quilt. I clicked to enlarge and it has that great pulsing “glow”–always love that about TAW when you get the fabrics just so.

  2. This looks great. I love the white fabric with the black swirls and red dots. I can't really tell whether there are two different prints, I think there are, one has more red and less black, but they're both great and add a lot of interest to the quilt. It's hard for me to see much detail in the rest of the fabrics, but I can tell that they aren't solid, they just read more solid (and “boring”) than they really are in the tiny view I have of them.
    Merry Christmas Wanda. I've really enjoyed getting to know you and your art through your blog this year and look forward to learning more from you next year.

  3. I love seeing your posts and learning how you progress from an idea, to fabric, to… There's something about the last column on the right side that looks out of place. Maybe this is intentional? Merry Christmas!

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