Presents wrapped, baking done…

It was a busy day yesterday getting everything done for the party which is this morning.  I had the presents already in the bag when I decided I should have taken a photo.  Instead I just made a collage of some of the cactus photos that I have shown previously.  Right now I have a red/orange and a pale pink in bloom.  There are buds on a few more.  I’m sure to have some blooms on Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Presents wrapped, baking done…

  1. I really love that pale pink flower on the cactus. My cactus are finished blooming now and are looking good. I remember my mother's cactus blooming on Christmas, it was so pretty and bright red, her favorite color.

  2. Mycacti have been lovely
    Sadly the pink one fell to bits, I know not why . It still has one stem so hopefully it will survive .
    I have searched for white but to no avail
    I think orange ones must be at the end of the rainbow

  3. Love how Jackson's sock finished up. Just darling. Certainly a treasure to keep forever. Nice collage of your pretty blossom's of the past. Christmas family gatherings are the best.


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