I finished my great grandson’s stocking at 10:30 last night.  His name is a little too high on the cuff but I doubt it will make any difference to him.

Finally I’m using some of this cute kid’s Christmas print.

I got my gifts mailed to out of state family and baked a batch of Spritz cookies yesterday.  Today I need to wrap gifts for the party tomorrow and bake some requested goodies.


23 thoughts on “Success!…..

  1. The stocking turned out so well, handmade Christmas things are a treasure. Have a wonderful day baking, I'm already baking up the cut-out gingerbread cookies this morning. The house smells wonderful!

  2. They will treasure this. My mother-in-law made hand knitted stockings for both my boys when they were little. They are now almost 30 and it is still the first thing they hang during Christmas.

  3. Love the denim stocking! When I see such beautiful embroidery like this, it makes me want Santa to drop an embroidery machine off at my house! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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