Things I love………..

12 pairs plus 2 singles, flannel pillowcases done and pressed, ready to gift.

My collection of Christmas postcards in the mail from Vicki Welsh, 3 from previous years and the Zentangle with crystals this year. 

A Christmas gift from a friend who knew I would love these Charley Harper drinking glasses.


14 thoughts on “Things I love………..

  1. That is a lot of pillowcases! I have three of Vickie's postcards which I posted not too long ago. It is so fun to see what she sends! I have never seen glasses with those designs. The look a bit mid-century modern to me. Love the birds!

  2. I saw those Charley Harper glasses in a catalog and thought of you, Wanda. (I thought of me, too, but I don't have space to store more glasses or dishes.)

  3. I have a friend who would just love those Charley Harper glasses. She is an avid birder and just discovered Charley Harper a couple of years ago. She and I took a detour to visit his amazing murals in the federal building in Cincinnati a couple of years ago. Too bad they're hidden away in such an out of place space!

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