Red thread………..

I cut seven more pairs of pillowcases yesterday.  I only sewed the ones that needed red thread.  The fabric on the left is from 1994 and I have always loved it.  It was time to use it.

My tutorial for this style of pillowcase is here.  Since a sliver needs to be trimmed from the fold edge and no more than 1/2″ from the selvage edge, I had to press out the fold line on all of the fabrics.  Then I lined up the selvedges perfectly and repressed in a fold line before taking the 2 yard pieces to the cutting table.


9 thoughts on “Red thread………..

  1. Good morning Wanda….20 year old fabric might be hard to part with, but if you're making pillowcases for your family, they will treasure it as much as you have, over many more years to come. Acupuncture this morning, then more baking. Tomorrow I must do some shopping!

  2. Since you wrote about cutting selvedges, I just wondered whether you've ever made anything with selvedges as has become popular the last few years? Or do you discard yours? Just curious.

  3. I got a kick out of the “red thread” comment. I've always hated mending and told my kids many years ago “I'm only mending it if the right color is on the machine” – they'd peek in and yell “she's got navy blue on the machine” and the parade would start.

  4. Thank you Wanda for putting together such a beautiful website. I'm enjoying your posts.

    I saw your Kindle cover you made, and love the way you put it together. I want to send you some of my colorful handmade buttons from my rural studio in Wisconsin. Will you let me know how to get in touch with you.

    Mrs. D

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