Four pairs……….

I didn’t start working on the pillowcases until late afternoon so I didn’t finish as many as planned.  I decided to make pairs of pillowcases since the grandchildren are adults now and have large beds and probably at least 2 pillows.  I finished these 8 and one extra from the remainder of the blue zebra flannel.  I used my tutorial here for the kind of pillowcase where the pillow is tucked into an inside panel and can’t fall out of the case.  Since I was making 2 from the same fabric I cut most of these as one long piece folded at the places where there would have been a seam.  I have a pile of flannels chosen for the rest of the pillowcases I need to make.


8 thoughts on “Four pairs……….

  1. You amaze me. Having worked in a fabric store myself I know fabric is bought and not made up for a long time. You must have fabric stored and some of it forgotten. Which is like going shopping again. This is a fun idea to have flannel pillowcases. Chris

  2. Wanda, that yellow with the bright orange flowers, is so pretty, and I imagine the recipient of these, will be thrilled with them. Taking a day off from baking and going into the basement to sew. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Flannel makes such a difference this time of year! I like to sleep in a cool (my husband – who sleeps in a different room – says freezing cold) room, but it would be very hard to get into bed and get warm if I didn't use flannel sheets! Store bought, including the pillow cases, and unlike my regular cotton sheets, my flannel sheets are not zebra striped ��.

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