A break from borders………

No borders yesterday.  It was the twice monthly sewing day and I made 22 more blocks to go with the 20 I showed on Nov. 23rd.  The blocks are 8.5″ and each insert being a 1″ cut strip does not change the size of the block when it is sewn in with an accurate 1/4″ seam.  It would end up 48″ x 56″ if I don’t make any more blocks.  I’m thinking about stopping here with blocks and adding a 4″ wide strip of hand dyed fabric on the top and bottom so it will be 64″ long.

Almost all of the hand dyed fabric in this quilt was purchased from Vicki Welsh and a lot of it is from her stash packs.  I also cut one of the gradient half yards into the 8.5″ squares.


27 thoughts on “A break from borders………

  1. I'm attracted by this as an extended 2015 project, and have tried searching your posts for other information/photos. Are the dimensions/instructions given today all that one needs? Is there a pattern? Earlier photos? Thanks for any help. (I have recorded the link to the hand dyes…very helpful, especially as she has a sale on the packs!!!)

  2. This is going to be another quilt that I will eventually make, it's really striking. Thanks for giving us a source to buy hand dyed fabrics. I will have to stretch my fabric budget to buy some while it's on sale.

  3. I guess I'm not understanding why adding 1″ strips wouldn't change the size of the block (especially if you're putting two going the same direction). If they wind up being 1/2″ wide after sewing, wouldn't that make the block 1/2″ bigger in one direction at least? I do love it!

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