Borders #6 this month……….

I finished sewing this TAW quilt top together in November 2007 and it was started several years before that to use for a demo in classes.  I think I cut the border strips almost a year ago and now finally they are sewn on.  It is too huge to hang on the design wall, about 89″ x 107″ so you will have to click on this link to go back to 2007 when I had just finished sewing it together.  I have made TAW quilts in bright prints, soft prints, floral prints, kid prints, one color, and many color.  I have never done one with 30s reproduction fabrics and I think I need to do that.  I might even put some solids in it like they did in the 30s.

I have an amaryllis blooming already.  It had 2 flower stalks already started when I opened the box.  I have 2 more planted (thanks Ace Hdwe. for $5 bulbs) and I also planted some paperwhites.


13 thoughts on “Borders #6 this month……….

  1. I think you are making some great progress… on borders!!! I did some paperwhites one year, turns out allergies. Now they are best left outside!!! I should do an amaryllis again.

  2. You are really getting a lot of borders picked out and finished. I love your amaryllis. When did you start it? Mine is growing, but is still in its infancy.

  3. I went to your link from 2007 and found today's TAW border finish (good for you!), and also a Kaffe TAW. I noticed that several of his prints are still sold today, and still look fun and fresh. Love his fabrics.

  4. Lovely soft colors on the TAW. I love the color red in my home at Christmas and usually it's Poinsettias. You are on a roll with these borders and I imagine you are feeling quite good about finishing up some WIPs.

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