Another project…….

I didn’t pick the next border project yesterday.  I had lots of errands that filled the morning and in the afternoon I helped a friend baste a quilt on my tables.  Last night I decided to unpick the hanging sleeve on this quilt.  Here is the blog post that shows the whole quilt and some closeups.   I had this quilt hanging in a show either later that year (1990) or the next year and maybe once or twice since then.  Since the quilt is almost 25 years old and will never hang again it was time to remove the sleeve.  I can’t believe I used such small machine stitches to sew it on.  I was able to sew in a border seam from the front and catch the bottom edge of the split sleeve.  I had already removed one half when I took this photo.


9 thoughts on “Another project…….

  1. Have you seen those new battery powered seam rippers? I've seen/heard people use them at retreats, and they really appear to be useful if you have to rip out very long seams; they certainly help make it happen much more quickly. I'm not sure I'd entirely trust them, however. They go so fast that – it seems to me you could end up doing a lot of damage before you even realize it. But if they really are reliable and safe, you might want to think about investing in one for jobs like this one!

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