I did it……#4 top has its borders…..

I worked on the borders for several hours yesterday afternoon and got them all sewn on.  I removed the prints that looked like solids and cut a few new pieces.  On the top and bottom there is a strip of just one print 2″ wide.  The borders increased the width of the quilt by 9″ and the length by 4″.

Here are the 2 side borders for one last audition before I sewed them on.  You can see the fabrics easier here than when they are blending into and extending the dark value area when they are sewn on.  A couple people thought I shouldn’t put a border on but it needed extra width.  As far as it looking like a border, I wanted it to look like an extension of value not a distinct border when finished.

This shot gives you more of a perspective of the size.  The length was already 96″ but the width was only 62″.  Now it is 100″ x 71.5″.  I had to work with it horizontally when designing the border and rotated the photos for the 2 shots above.

So…….I have put borders on 4 quilt tops already this month.  I have several more that need them…..can I keep going?


25 thoughts on “I did it……#4 top has its borders…..

  1. Perfect! I love the extended side borders…..that just let the colors flow out. Your “chunk” selection is just right for it. I say, more borders if needed….go for it!

  2. Wanda, I wish you could give me an injection of whatever it is that flows through your veins and keeps you going at warp speed. This is such a magnificent quilt on it's own, but the borders are the frame that makes it pop.

  3. Your knowledge of how to finish a quilt is just amazing. This quilt turned out just perfect and I can understand why you did not want a 'border' that was different, but one that blends in so well as this. Yes, keep going on your borders, you are batting 1000.

  4. I've been a fascinated watcher for several months, so am not surprised at your unusual border choices, just pleased at how well they not only extend the width of the quilt but how they also enhance the pattern so beautifully.

  5. Go, Wanda, GO!!

    Your border/extensions on this quilt are 110% “just right” and I'm so glad you included the non-rotated photo. I love seeing the alternate perspective . . .

    Beautiful – just beautiful!!

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