Two borders audition………

I chose colors matching the half diamonds for the chunks of border and am auditioning them.  I’ll look at it a couple times today and decide if it is ready to sew.  I need to decide if any of the spacer strips between the chunks need to be changed too.

I sewed the mini stratas for a TAW while I watched 3 episodes of Bones on Netflix last night.  They haven’t been pressed yet.  There is no hurry on this project, just good TV watching sewing.


10 thoughts on “Two borders audition………

  1. Yes, I really like the border. The only ones that bother me are the darkest brown?green? that read as a solid. The connecting strips look so good.
    I love how the bright blue makes the color pop from the center diamonds.

  2. I kind of agree with Debbie's comment about the chunks of dark green. Not sure I will like them. I do know that by the time you are finished, I will love whatever you do. The red and black and white TAW is going to be great.

  3. Diamond border look so pretty… I have never made a suggestion before but I can see a thin inlay piece (maybe black) between the diamonds and this border. But I know you will decide on the best finish as you always do.


  4. I have only recently come across your blog – this my absolute favourite! Your colours, designs are amazing and I think your style is inspiring! Will keep watching you – and thanks for sharing. Jayne (UK)

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