More borders….

I hope I can stay on the border express and do more of them this month.  I have so many tops waiting for border decisions.

Kaffe diamond quilt top

I have been waiting to put the border on this one since Sept. 2011.  I wasn’t sure I liked the way the points were cut off of the dark sashing  around the diamonds when I first tried this border.  My 2 friends and I decided it did look OK though so I sewed it on.

This one in Kaffe’s book, “Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts” didn’t have a border.
He also used different fabrics in all of the outside half diamonds and I used all the same fabric.  My photo of this page in the book doesn’t show the beauty of his quilt.  It is really brighter than this photo.


28 thoughts on “More borders….

  1. This quilt takes my breath away. This is the quilt I wanted to make with his fabrics but thought it might be too difficult. I saw a blog where Kaffe came and taught this class, it looks difficult to get all the colors right. You nailed it on the head ! Please do more borders so we can see your stunning quilts.

  2. I like your setting diamonds and the border — they add a frame to the somewhat busy blocks. I do think that extending the points would have been effective, but I also think that doing so would have been a piecing pain. Not worth the stress.

  3. I like your quilt better than the one in the book. I have all of Kaffe's books, so I pulled mine out to see the photo in the book. Your border fabric is dyn-o-mite!

    By the way, thanks for the hint to look into the book, “Cultural Fusion Quilts”. My copy arrive yesterday and I spent the afternoon delving into it. I love her philosophy and all the quilts in the book. Thinking of seeing if I can get her to come to our guild to speak and hold a workshop.

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