Novermber recap……….

I had one complete finish for November.  This is a variation of a quilt in a Kathy Doughty book.  One of her students made it with this setting and she posted it on her blog. I figured out the dimensions and made my version of it.  I think it finished at 67″ x 74″ but I didn’t want to make another trip to the basement at midnight to measure it again.

I finished 2 quilt tops.  I had another TAW top almost done but it needs the border sewn on.  This one pictured is big enough without a border.

Three dishcloths are added to the pile.  The one on the right has 4 different yarns.  Two of them are tweedy, one with red and blue and the other with red and beige.  With these added I’m at 46 for the year so I will meet my goal of 48, 4 a month average, with the two I have already started.


19 thoughts on “Novermber recap……….

  1. Well, I'm just in love with all of them 🙂 Like, really. Just love the newest with the blocks of color. It's so much fun to look at the fabrics used. That's why scrappy quilts will always be my favorites. You don't expect to see darling little zebras in the yellow block, yet there they are 🙂
    Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  2. Well, I love all of them ! I have seen two of them in person and I can verify that they are more beautiful in person than in a photo. Thank you for showing us all these beautiful quilts.

  3. I'm not sure why we feel compelled to pick favorites. I love each one of your finished quilts/tops in it's own way. And I could see myself making all of them. It would be a different story if I could have or make only one quilt ever – but I doubt any of us are in that position!

  4. Wanda ~ Finally taking time to check out your postings since a good week ago ! Have had “a lot on my plate” for a while.

    So enjoyed catching up with every day I missed. Great finishes for November. Your TAW is equivalent to, 2 months for sure. (*._,*) For me reading your blog is like reading the novels you tell us you enjoy from time to time.

    And now comes December, rolling in even faster than the rest of the months during the year.


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