Binding and blooms………….

I worked on the hand sewing part of the binding for 3 hours last night and got 2 1/2 sides done.  I’m going to consider this one a November finish since it is so close.  I’ll do my November recap tomorrow.

 Here are three of the current blooming cacti, the orange, pale pink and white.

There were others in bloom but not at the best photographic stage.

I stopped at Goodwill on the way home from church and scored big on pots.  I had a 25% off  coupon to use in my birthday month and since it was the last day of the month, it was my last chance.


15 thoughts on “Binding and blooms………….

  1. The quilt looks wonderful! I do love the binding you choose. And the backing you used – spectacular! Please post the back as well as the front. I just bought another Norfolk Island pine. They have them every year at a local grocery store and they are inexpensive. My one last year didn't do well, but the one I bought two years ago is thriving and growing. I want to have a whole forest of these!

  2. First of all: your quilt is going to be fantastic. Second: your pots are great and Third: that pale pink flower is calling my name. We do not get a discount for our birthday here at most of the Goodwill stores. The man in charge of all St.Louis stores is making one million dollars a year !

  3. I have loved this quilt from the very beginning and am excited to see it finished. I think it's so funny how the end of the month motivates you to suddenly get very busy finishing up something which you've had ready to finish for a LOMG time. But whatever works for you!

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