Design wall play………….

It is time to take this quilt top off the double design wall so I needed to try the border auditions.  This print, another by Keiko Goke, was my original choice for the border.  After seeing it next to the quilt I changed my mind.  I tried a stop border too and didn’t like that either.

Then I tried the black background print that is like the white one in the quilt top (positive/negative prints).  I think that is what I am going to use.

I got all of the fabrics pressed and cut for the remaining 12 blocks for this new quilt.  If you haven’t been following along, here is the post where I show the book and the first blocks.  In this post I first showed this block (third one down) as a possibility for a layout.  I took the 16 pieces from 4 blocks and played with them before I sew the rail fence blocks.  This first layout is every other block turned a quarter turn.

This layout has all blocks in the same position.  The solid border between blocks that is formed could go horizontal or vertical.

Fabric choices would be important for these layouts.  I think it would have to be more coordinated instead of contrasting like I’m using for the rail fence layout.


7 thoughts on “Design wall play………….

  1. I really like this trip around the world, and that second border choice looks good! I'll be watching to see how this latest one develops. It's always hard to see how things are going to end up, that's why we keep going!

  2. I so enjoy reading your blog every morning before I go off to work. I sit and have my coffee and read your daily blog and then choose one of your older blogs to read. I wondered why you decided to begin a blog?

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