4 more blocks, 2 layouts………..

I made four more blocks last night and tried 2 layouts.  I think the one on the left looks like rick-rack bulls-eyes.  Today I need to vacuum the living/dining room and do some baking.  Our Thanksgiving is going to be Wednesday night.  If you missed yesterday’s post, that is where I gave info about the source for this pattern.


11 thoughts on “4 more blocks, 2 layouts………..

  1. The blocks are fabulous! Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Right now I have so much to get done for my QuiltCon entries I think I may be able to get out of going anywhere for Thanksgiving. I certainly don't have time to bake anything either.

  2. Love the way the blocks are looking! I had been on the fence, debating about her book until I read your post yesterday, then I decided to go for it & ordered the Kindle version. Her technique looks interesting . Will probably be a couple weeks before I get a chance to play with it but it looks like it'll be fun! Happy holidays!

  3. Wanda, it's nice to see the blocks side by side. I am trying to guess which way you will end up setting your your blocks. I have made only four blocks version on the left. it was hard to decide when I was setting my blocks and ended up keeping the way I did for the cover of the book. Looking forward to it evolving. Thank you!

  4. Great looking blocks! So far i prefer the layout on the left, but its hard to day as i don't know how big you're planning on making it. Did you say already how big the individual blocks are?

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