Revealing the new book…………

This is the new book I am so excited about.  I love the cover quilt–I’ve never met a zig zag that I didn’t like–even though this one is really a rail fence variation.  This book was written by Sujata Shah whom I became acquainted with through The Root Connection blog.  She had published directions for this quilt on her blog (zig zag tutorial tab at the top of her blog) and it is one of my favorite quilts.  She uses a large variety of fabrics in her quilts so I was immediately attracted to them.

I like the method for this quilt, oversized strips with a gentle curve sewn into them and then trimming it to perfect squares to make the block.

There are other layouts suggested too so I may have to make some more of these blocks in a different assortment of fabrics and try one (or two) of them too.

I have my first four 16″ blocks up on the design wall.  With this busy week I plan on making a few blocks each day and sewing the top together by the end of the week.

Be sure to check out Sujata’s blog.  She shows the whole stack of quilts that are in the book.  If you scroll down you will see more as she prepared to go to Houston to Quilt Market.   Here are a couple more of my favorite quilts on her blog (the red ones).

Also check out C&T’s website to see more quilts from the book.  If you like free form piecing, you will love this book.


21 thoughts on “Revealing the new book…………

  1. I love everything that you create, so I've ordered the book right now, sitting at home in my pajamas! The zig zag quilt is awesome, so I can't wait to see the rest! And you've given me a new blog to read–it's like two gifts in one! Thanks Wanda!

  2. Thanks for a wonderful review! I am curious to see how you would choose to set your blocks.
    I love that zigzag quilt you made. I just started to hand quilt mine. It will keep me warm while watching tv this winter.

  3. I agree Wanda – I just got my copy of Sujata's book, and am looking forward to trying several of her patterns. She and I are blogland friends, and we got to meet in person this summer. Can't wait to see how your zig zag turns out!

  4. Love her use of loads of colour – so can definitely see why you are so happy! And I love your new quilt in the making!
    The minute I looked at some of the pictures on her blog, I started thinking about how they would look in a riot of shabby chic fabrics. I think the book is on my have to get list! Thanks for reviewing it.

  5. I love The Root Connection blog and kudos to Sujuta and her new book. Like her my quilts can easily be a mix of fiber content and fabrics.

    Looking with interest at your new quilt creation.


  6. i just came across that book and put it on my Christmas list a couple of days ago. Reminds me of the 'Fractured” quilt you did recently. So glad to read your review.

  7. I have carried this book around since it arrived a week ago. I am loving it. I can't wait to have time to dive into my stash and start pulling fabrics. I just finished a fiddly pattern that was not well written and it has been more frustration than fun. Sujata's book is going to set me free. Yay.

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