Saturday happenings…………

Since I missed the 2 Thursday sew-ins this month I decided to make some more of the blocks at home for this quilt.  This would make 2 great table runners too.  

This is what I have been reading.  The first day I thought I would read a couple chapters to just get into the story.  When I finished chapter 10 I made myself put it down.  Yes, it is a good book.  Yesterday morning I went to the car dealer for an appointment to get the lock on my driver’s side door to work.  I figured it was a computer thing but I was way off.  If was a broken part and damaged wiring, $455 and 2 1/4 hours later I had read over half of the book and was on the way home.

I have finalized my fabric collection for the new quilt.  I took out a few that were in yesterday’s photo and added a few.  Today I’ll so some cutting and start sewing.


16 thoughts on “Saturday happenings…………

  1. car repairs are getting ridiculous!!! I had to have a new headlight in the car on Friday… $85 dollars later. The dog also went to the vet…. since when does it cost more more a mechanic than a vet?

  2. So love that quilt! Truthfully, I always like your quilts but some especially!
    It seems one can't get any car repairs these days for less than hundreds of dollars.

  3. I have not read the book but saw the movie which was excellent. Also love your choice of fabrics in both sections. Our doors lock us out all the time so we keep keys with us when we get out of the car, they can't be programmed correctly. We have so many wonderful luxuries, but they cost so much to repair !

  4. I just finished that author's third book and enjoyed them all. Can't wait to see your new quilt. Alice
    Alvgore. At nycap dot rr dot com

  5. Have always loved those blocks with the inlaid stripes.
    And these are no exception. OMG $455.00 sounds like a lot. But I guess what isn't anymore ? Glad your lock is fixed now. Your fabrics all in order for your new quilt looks very exciting.


  6. Love the quilt blocks at the top of this posting. Very fun colors and the random strips of fabric add to the fun.

    Started the Kite Runner a few years back, but didn't finish…'s still sitting there waiting to be picked up again. Many books have come in-between then and now.

    Have been on the farm in Indiana for a couple of months with harvest and helping out, so I have missed many of your postings, Wanda…..hope you have had a good fall.

  7. I read the Kite Runner years ago when it first came out and loved it. The author has since written another two books. In my opinion Kite a Runner is by far the best, though the others are auite good as well, especially the second one – of course, I don't recall the names of either of the other two right now! One thing I found fascinating – I can say without revealing anything – is that while the Kite Runner was written all from the point of view on boys and men, his second book is written from the point of view of women, which he does equally well. I was very impressed with that.
    Still very anxious to see what you're going to make with that beautiful fabric selection!

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