The ones that didn’t work……..

When I was choosing reds for the trip around the world groups I found fabrics that won’t work.  They are beautiful fabrics and I obviously liked them or I wouldn’t have bought them.  It is hard to decide what kind of quilt they would work in.

I love this stripe fabric and really would like to use it.

I love the colors in this one.

I’m sure I’m not the only one buying hard to use fabrics.


This would probably be the easiest to use in a quilt but the color isn’t consistent enough across the width for TAW.


25 thoughts on “The ones that didn’t work……..

  1. I know what you mean. I have several fabrics that ended up being hard to use. It's very aggravating. I absolutely ADORE that new TAW quilt, and if you are looking for a buyer, please let me know.


  2. The crane is absolutely beautiful! I would have a hard time cutting into it for small pieces. It is the type of fabric that I would use in a slashed style block or as a large focal block/square.
    The others are of the type I usually find myself using for bindings…..yet I know you will find much better uses for them.

  3. I, too, have the stripe … love it …. but keep putting it back in the stack after auditioning it for various quilts. Hmmm. someday it will make the cut (no pun intended)!

  4. I do that all the time too, so now I have all of these orphan fabrics stashed, waiting for a project. Those mums would make a really nice backing for TAW since you can't use them in the top.

  5. My sister just finished a quilt using Sidelights by Mountainpeek Creations. It looks great.

    That might be a way to feature your main fabric and be able to use all the others shown in supporting roles in a quilt.


  6. I like the stripey one, but the larger patterned ones, how about backings? That way, the cranes, and flowers stay intact, lovely colours, you have a special eye to be able to choose what is always the best. Jean.

  7. What a grand stash of awesome fabrics. With all the suggestions coming in… I am sure you will create some magnificent pieces with them. Thanks for sharing.


  8. That crane fabric is a winner for the back of some quilt. I would just wanna look at it whole. All of the fabrics are wonderful and I know you will find a place for them in your creations.


  9. Those are beautiful! I buy them too. Sometimes I use them as a focal fabric in strip lap qults. More often I piece them into backings. I like the backs of my quilts to be interesting.

  10. They may not work in the TAW, but that doesnt mean you cant use them in some other quilt. I have the cranes in purple along with some other Asian fabrics, and one of these days they will make an awesome quilt. I havent decided on the pattern yet!! But at least now i know it wont be TAW! Thanks!

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