Seams sewn………….

I have finished the piecing on this quilt top.  I will probably add a border to make it a generous twin size.  I have another print in the Keiko Goke fabrics that will resemble a piano key border without all of the piecing.  I’m repeating the photo of the strata for this quilt.  The sewn quilt always surprises me.


25 thoughts on “Seams sewn………….

  1. In one of your early TAW posts, I am guessing you included the cutting info for the sorties …. I love the rectangle vs square look!! This one is gorgeous and can only get better up close and in person.,

  2. Just stunning quilt top—will you be keeping this one? I will stay tuned in January to see the red strata sections to be put together into quilt tops for you classes!! Everyone of these comes out so interesting & has been fun to watch them come together. I brought my Dad's Christmas cactus home with me that he has had for years. It has huge pink blossoms that have several sections. It is so healthy, that even I should be able to keep it alive!!

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