More red…..

The second part TAW class went well yesterday.  It was a chilly day, 18 degrees but we were toasty warm in the basement.  I had the students bring fabrics to practice putting in order for TAW quilts in addition to working on their quilts.  While they were all busy cutting, unpicking or sewing I chose another red run from my stash.  The run at the top is the one I showed a couple days ago with some minor changes.  The bottom run is new.

Since the fabrics make a complete loop I wanted to see them with both the light and the dark at the centers of the selection.  This gives me a better idea of how the quilt will look.

Today would have been my dad’s 101st birthday.  He passed away last year 3 months shy of his 100th b-day.  I didn’t get to see him on his 99th 2 yrs. ago because I had just had the radioactive seeding treatment/surgery on my eye 4 days earlier and I was wearing a bulky lead patch over that eye and was supposed to be isolated.


19 thoughts on “More red…..

  1. We have finally gotten the cold here… in the 20's over night… with a really stiff gusty breeze to add insult to injury. The sun has been shinning… I like the REDS… Very rich.

  2. What a lovely spread of red! The quilt will look so pretty with your fabric mix.
    Parents – no one tells you how hard it is to loose them. May you only be visited with happy memories today!

  3. Your “Trips Around the World” are full of excitement, with memories to last forever. This red one is no exception. The speed of how quickly you work all the runs and stitch to the very end always amazes me. But I should know by now, what a true pro you are.


  4. Loving these reds. I was wondering how all 36 would look in one TAW? Obviously you'd use smaller/thinner strips or it would be the size of New Jersey…but wouldn't it look wonderful? What a blessing to have had your Dad in your life for so many years. My Dad died young and I have missed him every day of these past 27 years. Wishing you only happy thoughts today in celebration of your Dad's birth.

  5. I'm sure you will be remembering your dad today, Wanda. I hope you are recalling all of the great times you shared together.

    I love those really light blocks with the bits of red in them.

  6. These reds are maybe my favorite so far. I lost my father when he was only 62 and I grieved for him a long time. Glad you had yours for much longer. Snow is still on the ground here but it is melting today since our temps are a high of 43.

  7. Lovely reds, and a great way to celebrate your Dad's life, with fabrics. I, too, missed one of my Dad's significant late birthdays, when I wasn't able to travel, and this always remains in my mind, but over the years I have told myself, often ” You did travel when you were able to” and hoped he understood. Take care as that huge snowfall is in so many areas, Jean.

  8. I shall read every word of your new TAW RED quilt top so I don't mis-understand your explanations and hopefully give myself the confidence to start making one myself 🙂

    …. and I'm sure you will have many happy memories of your beloved father to help celebrate his special day today.

  9. Hope you have warm and loving thoughts of your Dad. I just lost my Mom in April and my Dad in October. It was a most difficult year. The holidays are going to be very hard to get through. Then come their birthdays. I just love both of your red color ways for the TAW. It will be fun to see them being made. The last one from your special collection just blew me away—liked the dark path more towards center—really livened things up!!

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