While I was finishing the cleaning in the basement I decided to straighten my red/rose/coral shelf.  I started pulling a run for another TAW.  I have 2 stripes in the 3rd position from the right.  I wasn’t sure which I liked.  The floral stripe 3rd from the left will have to be cut on the lengthwise grain if I use it because the stripe runs crosswise.  It changes to different groups of flowers and I’m not sure it would be consistent enough to use in crosswise cuts.

The cookies are baked and I hope I get a good turnout of the art quilters today.  


14 thoughts on “Red……..

  1. I absolutely adore red fabric. My first pieced quilt was all red and white, just love it. When I told the LQS that red was what I wanted to make in my learning quilt, they were absolutely shocked. I am excited about this one, I bet it turns out great.

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