Some stash……….

These are my Italian cotton fabrics.  They are the same weight and silky finish as the Liberty Lawn fabrics.  My daughter brought them back from one of her trips for me.  I have used small amounts of several of them and made a pillow cover with the one on the left.  

Today I will be baking cookies for the art quilters’ group which is coming tomorrow.  The basement is pretty clean so just a touch up is needed.


10 thoughts on “Some stash……….

  1. Wow, what rich colors! They are really unique. You should show sometime what the art quilters work looks like in process. I am wondering how arty the art quilters are. Do you just work on what you have going or do work on something different when they are there?

  2. So, which other countries besides the ones shown do you have? I just find it incredibly intriguing!!!! These are some really beautiful fabrics as well! It has been snowing off and on here since yesterday afternoon. I am enjoying staying in and getting a lot of sewing space work done!

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