Partly sewn…….

The thirteen rows on the left are sewn together and pressed.  I started unpicking more pieces and then wandered off and did a bunch of other things.

It didn’t reach 30 degrees yesterday, mighty chilly!  Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be in the low 20s and then we will warm up to above freezing.  I didn’t get all of my pots emptied yet so I still have some outside work to do.

Photos below of what is blooming at my house.  The pink/white 2 tone are still blooming too.



8 thoughts on “Partly sewn…….

  1. Don't you love how the “other things” can creep into your time/day. I saw some Cacti at the grocery the other day… they were big… and more than I wanted to spend…

  2. Nice progress and blossoms. We had a high of 23 on Thursday. Today it is hovering over 18. But the sun has been out and I can take any temp as long as the sun is out.


  3. My goodness, I've been neglecting my blog reading! It's fun to catch up though. I live your TAW quilt and the fabrics.
    I ha pave a cactus but it hasn't bloomed in several years. It has grown and seems very healthy. Perhaps I should research it.

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