Errands and progress………….

Yesterday was errand day, almost 3 hours worth.  It was 30 degrees and windy, too early for winter.  I started sewing the long seams from top to bottom of the TAW quilt on the part I had unpicked.

I also sewed the last strata and sliced one that was ready for that step.  I’m hoping to get most of the designing part done today.


8 thoughts on “Errands and progress………….

  1. It is below freezing here in Alabama today – and that is rare in November. We don't usually have freezing until late December or January.

    The top picture really stopped me. I can tell from it that this quilt is going to have great visual texture provided by the fabric choices and placement.

  2. It is very cold here and we had snow flurries yesterday. Thank you again for the wonderful TAW class and all your suggestions about color and value. We bought the deep rose/purple? color for the final fabric for my next TAW. I will be sewing on my blue and yellow TAW and hoping to get it quilted by Christmas. Thank you so much Wanda for your class.

  3. We had a disgustingly hot and humid day yesterday here in Sydney, Australia. It was way too hot and just horrible! I ended the day with an awful headache! Thank goodness it's the weekend and time for me to chill out 🙂

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