The battle of the design walls…………

Last night I was moving all of the design walls into position for the class.  2 sets of them are just stacked and need to be spread out side by side.  I was shocked to find that 2 of my new 1.5″ foam boards were too wide to fit into the space that two 1″ fit into.  The 1″ boards are tongue and groove so they must be a smidge narrower than 48″.  The 1.5″ are flat on the sides.  I had to move the 2 new thicker ones from across the basement to this position in front of the fireplace and take the 1″ boards that were taped together to make 2″ boards from here over where those were.  Also I had them cut off at 7′ and the conduit pipes are a little lower than the rafters so that caused a problem.  I should have done a dry run on this last week.


8 thoughts on “The battle of the design walls…………

  1. Nothing is ever as smooth as we want it to be… especially if we have left it to the last minute. Hopefully, that is the only glitch… in the works! Enjoy the class/time with people!

  2. It sure looks nice now… and ready for your class. Plus I know the ladies will be so impressed with your studio's you work in every day. And most of all your talent and inspirational spirit. Wish I was there too.


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