A day of rest…….

Yesterday was a day of rest.  There was a congregational meeting after church so I got home about an hour later than usual.  I did finish the stitching on the last 6 Christmas stockings I showed a couple days ago and while I watched TV last night I finished a dishcloth made with ends of 2 balls of yarn.  Today is sewing circle and tomorrow is my TAW class so I needed the re-charge that rest gives.


13 thoughts on “A day of rest…….

  1. Sometimes my body just says no more and if I listen the next day I feel ready to go again. Rest is good, so is church and the shops not opening would be wonderful!That's not going to happen I know.

  2. That is so funny, I worked on a dishcloth last night in that exact same red yarn. And thought to myself, I may not have enough to finish, what else can I use? Thanks for the picture.

  3. I'm hooked (or is it needled) with dishcloths. I can knit them when hubby and I are watching TV and don't have to pay close attention. My only question is how do you keep them so square? do you block them before you take a photo?

  4. That is my favorite dish cloth pattern – easy to knit on “auto-pilot”. I too make multi-colored dishcloths from all the ends of balls, sometimes knitting in blocks like yours or sometimes striping them in two rows of each color in an effort to make it look intentional, ha ha.

    Rest is a necessary component of life but too often neglected.

  5. Never be concerned about taking some time to recharge. Most of us do it more frequently than you do that is for sure.

    I thought I was going to wake up in Siberia this morning with all the “Polar Vortex” warnings they have been talking about for a week. Just a skiff of snow but temps not to get above 29 today. And high In the teens tomorrow. Looks like an early burst of winter.


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