Just playing with stash…………

I need to plan ahead for another Trip Around the World quilt to use for demo in my January class.  I am working with all Westminster/Rowan fabrics here, Kaffe, Phil, Martha, and Brandon designers.

Since the fabrics make a complete loop I needed to see the 2 end fabrics meeting in the center of the group too.


14 thoughts on “Just playing with stash…………

  1. Gorgeous 'run' of fabrics for your TAW.

    Warmed my heart to see the socks for the Mission. And your new cactus, such a lovely pastel apricot. So how many colors do you now have ?


  2. I always love seeing the beautiful pictures of your cactus, so when you said you got one at Wal-Mart I got myself one, too. Now could you tell me how to care for it so I don't ruin it like ones I've had in the past?
    Thanks so much.
    I also enjoy seeing all of your quilts you make. Very inspiring!

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