Working on service project……..

Our church sewing circle supports the women’s shelter at a mission in a nearby town.  We give Christmas gifts in stockings that we make.  I cut out 12 large ones for the children and 19 smaller ones for the ladies.

I stitched them with gold thread and a feather stitch by machine.  The metallic thread kept breaking and finally the 4th brand is working, no shredding or breaking on 8 stockings so far.  I have to have them done by Monday afternoon for our sew in at the church.

I went to Wal-m*rt yesterday morning and I checked to see if they are going to have Christmas cactus for sale this year.  They had some and this is a new color that my 2 friends and I don’t have.  I’m calling it a champagne color because it isn’t yellow or apricot.  They were only $2.92 each, a steal!!  I picked them up for my friends in case Wal-m*rt doesn’t have any more of this color.


10 thoughts on “Working on service project……..

  1. I don't think either of the 2 Walmarts here have them… at all… but I will check again this winter. The ones in Nebraska… always had them.

    I hate it when a project just does not go as smoothly as it should!!!

  2. Good morning Wanda…I just love your blooming cactus plants and will have to talk to you about how you care for them. The color of the one you recently posted is so lovely.
    I had no idea WalMart carried them.
    What a wonderful and generous gesture with the stockings, which, I'm sure will be much appreciated.

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