Stash…and night photos………

This is the rest of the Keiko Goke fabric in my stash.  I started collecting it at least 5 years ago.  I need to make another quilt besides the TAW with it too.  

This is a soft night shot of the pink and white blooms.  They are so pretty.

It is hard to get a night shot out the kitchen window but I think you can see the opossum next to the tree.  He nestled down into the leaves around it and sat there for quite awhile.  Usually when the motion sensor light comes on he runs away. 


13 thoughts on “Stash…and night photos………

  1. I have never seen that line of fabric. It is unique. Great colors and designs. It is amazing what fabric is out there and yet fabric stores carry all the same old things. I could not absorb all the fabric lines I saw in Houston, they just became a blur. It is either feast or famine I guess.

  2. years ago when we had outside cats I would put the food bowl on the porch for them – I had to start to remember to bring the food in at night or I would have possum's on the porch eating the food – they have big sharp teeth but are slow moving and dumb – I could swat at them with the broom and they would move slowly away from the house like they didn't have a care in the world.

  3. We get lots of wildlife in our yard – deer, raccoons, turkeys, woodchucks, rabbits, etc. But many years ago I was puzzled by one set of tracks in the snow. Little footprints but with a line running along in the middle of the tracks. Finally figured it out. It was an opossum and the line was his tail dragging in the snow. They are quite cute.


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