Sewing strata…….again……

I got two of the stratas sewn last night.  This is the Keiko Goke fabric from Japan.  It represents several years of her fabric line.

I always like to pin it up with the second strata slid down by one fabric so I can get an idea how it is going to look in the Trip Around the World.


20 thoughts on “Sewing strata…….again……

  1. This one is going to be fun to watch grow.

    Just heard on the weather news the midwest should expect a cold front to hit in a day or so. East of the Rockies… I am sure you just feel like you got over last years winter weather.


  2. Obviously, I'm a bit behind in reading blogs here – sorry. I love this fabric and it's fun to get a chance to see it up close. So what you're going for in the TAW is just a series of fabrics, which play well together, and give you a progression from dark to light and then back to dark again. Is that correct?

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