Cutting, cleaning, clearing clutter……..

I pressed the fabric for the next Trip Around the World quilt, the strips I will use for demo purposes during my class next week.  While the iron was hot I pressed this little colorwash made with mostly Liberty Lawn squares that a friend sent to me.  I will get out my box of Liberties soon too.  Also while cleaning and clearing clutter in the basement I found a pile of floral scraps waiting to be cut into 2.5″ squares.  Two passes through the Studio cutter and I have a pile of squares.  

Today I’m getting a headlight replaced on my van.  Luckily my insurance will pick up the amount over $250.  The part is $310 and I have no idea how much the labor will be.  My dryer needs a repair too.  It is 30 years old so I hope they will have the part it needs.  I also hope there aren’t any more repairs needed in the near future.


14 thoughts on “Cutting, cleaning, clearing clutter……..

  1. oh yes, parts and repairs are becoming more expensive than replacing! I will be ordering a new dishwasher soon… fixing everything that is wrong with it will cost more than it is worth!!!

  2. Love your little squares and you put them into a beautiful little quilt so easily. About 6 years ago, my washer went out on me. We lived over an hour away from any stores. The newspaper came out and there were 3 used Maytag washers for sale for $50. Dear husband bought one and I am still using it. Dryer went out two years ago and we did the same thing, bought an almost brand new dryer for $100. So do not despair, there are other choices out there.

  3. I hope your dryer is an easy and inexpensive repair. Quite often it is just the drive belt that has broken. (If so the drum doesn't spin) That is a really easy repair in most cases. I did my own repair when mine broke.

  4. I hate it when things break. My 20+ year old washer broke. The repairman told us about since he couldn't find the part locally. We were able to get the part, hubby installed it and I was on my way. He also said to keep the mechanical machines and keep repairing them. The new electronic ones break and are horribly expensive to repair IF you can get the part – another contractor told us about the 1.5 year old built-in refrigerator (something like $5000) that died and the owner was told that the company didn't make the circuit board any more. Can you say boat anchor? And don't get me started about car and truck parts. Drives my husband crazy to have to buy the whole assembly when he only needs a small piece of it (like the headlight lens.)

  5. Your color washes are always so perfect. So mesmerizing.

    30 year old dryer and is this the first time you have had to call in repair ? That is amazing in itself. Even it it isn't to have a dryer last that long is a bonus.


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