Blank design walls…….

First thing yesterday morning I took this photo while the light was good in the living room.  I love these 2 tone cactus blooms.  They are the largest blooms of all of my plants.

Then….I went down to the basement.  Blank design walls so no photos.  I purchased 4 new foam insulation boards for design walls, this time 1 1/2″ thick.  The 1″ that I had been using is too flexible since mine are leaning against the pipes across the basement ceiling, not mounted on a wall.  I took the flannel off 4 design walls and washed it as well as a new piece of 108″ wide flannel.  I taped two 1″ boards together to make 2″ thick walls (two sets of them) and then started pinning the flannel back on all 6 of the foam boards.  I now have 4 double design walls and 2 single walls in the basement and I carried one single wall up to my main floor studio.  Wrestling those 4′ x 7′ sheets was exhausting!


16 thoughts on “Blank design walls…….

  1. Sounds like a job well done. I wish I had a place for a large design wall. I might have to overthrow the current ruler of the garage….he thinks it's for tools. We haven't gotten car in there for many years.

  2. Good morning Wanda, on this gloomy, rainy day. Happy to hear you got to Home Depot and were able to put it all together. I just did 2, and I know how tiring it was, but soooo worth it. I'm finishing up projects that don't require a design wall and look forward to when I can start a new project. Have a good day.

  3. Your cactus blooming is lovely, I used to have one for years that was my mothers. Thanks for the info on the design wall. Husband is making me one too that will stand against one of the walls in my hall. I actually do not have one place in my home for a design wall.

  4. Your blooms are just beautiful. My little white cactus has bunches of buds on it so I am hoping for beauty soon. No buds on the red one but I am still getting new leaves so the buds should follow. I think next summer I will redo my design wall as the fleece is sagging and makes my work look bad. 😉

  5. What a gorgeous blossom! Wish I had a green thumb.

    I have a 12 x 6 foot design wall, and I LOVE it! More is better. Good for you for getting more space. Hubby glued wood lattice strips around the perimeter of mine to keep it a little more rigid, but mine is mounted on the wall like a mirror.

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