Australian fabric Trip Around the World quilt top sewn…………..

I only had a few seams left to sew so it was an easy job to get the three sections sewn together into a quilt top.  The fabrics are very interesting so this is one that is more fun to see up close.  It ended up at 61″ x 77.5″ and the finished pieces in the quilt are 1.75″ x 2.25″.  It isn’t really obvious that the pieces are rectangular when you first look at it.  Rectangular pieces make a rectangular quilt where the center fabric on all 4 edges is identical.  If you were to use squares, you would have to add on rows on the top and bottom and then the outside edge of the diamond (black print fabric on this quilt) would not touch the top and bottom edges.  I prefer the way I do it.


28 thoughts on “Australian fabric Trip Around the World quilt top sewn…………..

  1. very pretty.

    When I made mine, I kept it square.

    I am aware that I may be in the minority in liking square quilts. I like that there isn't a specific top – Or, I've been irritated by grabbing a side thinking it was a top only to have it bee too short.

  2. Huh, will you look at that. I had been looking at your photos and my eye was seeing what it expected–a square! Really love your rectangle solution and the resulting diamond “trip”. You are full of fun surprises.

  3. I had no clue that they were not squares, my eye did not focus enough to see the very slight difference. This quilt is absolutely beautiful and I agree that up close it would be outstanding with the different fabrics you used. I am excited about taking your class next week though my fabrics will be slightly more boring !

  4. Beautiful – now wondering if you will do a border or just some binding. I was wondering if you could estimate how long it took you to make this quilt top so far, including any cutting and designing – just curious 🙂

  5. I hadn't noticed, and don't know if I would've noticed it on my own. But, of course, us an obvious and brilliantly clever way to give it a much better look and avoid droid and enterteí,.

  6. Hi Wanda, this quilt is a beauty! It exemplifies Exuberant Color. Thanks as always for your inspiring work and fun posts… we love seeing your creations.
    p.s. We can empathize with your description of wrestling the 4 x 7' foam boards. That is one hefty job!

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