African fabric quilt top…………

My 2 friends came over to sew yesterday and that was the push I needed to make the decisions about the border on this quilt.  I decided a random order of the color sections was the way to go.  I was able to get 4 matching corner blocks out of a large print African fabric.  This is my favorite of all of the quilts I have made from this group of fabrics.  I will try to round up all of the photos and make a collage of my African fabric quilts.

After I finished that top I went back to unpicking loops for the bottom half of the Australian fabric Trip Around the World.  Then last night I sewed the center seam on 12 strips and sewed them together, one long seam from top to bottom.  This quilt should finish around 62″ x 78″.  I just wanted a large couch size quilt.

I am thinking about teaching this TAW class again locally (Sandwich IL).  If you live anywhere near me and are interested, email me here.  I have a special rate for anyone who has taken the class before and wants to participate.  I am hoping to teach it in November and again in January.


28 thoughts on “African fabric quilt top…………

  1. I think I like this African Quilt the best too…. but then again… show me another… and I could change my mind!!!

    Too bad I won't be back by January… but it is definitely on my list…. Just need to settle on a color… scheme… which is probably the hardest part for ME!!!

  2. An international flair to your post today. Of course, love the African quilt and can see why it is your favorite. Those bands of color in the border seem to glow and really connect to the inner blocks.

  3. Wanda, I love both of these quilts. I didn't know that was how the TAW quilt was made. What a time saver! I love how the patterns and colors of the fabrics flow from one square to the next. And you are so prolific! If I lived in your area, I'd take your class. I don't comment as often as I should, but I really do love all your quilts. You have such a great sense of color.

  4. The African prints quilt is stunning! And your borders are truly perfect, they extend the body of the quilt without a break, at least from my monitor.
    As to the TAW, if I were local, I would SO be there for your class.

  5. Love the African fabrics quilt- terrific design and gorgeous fabrics- you do find some real fabric beauties to turn into brilliant quilts.
    Haven't popped by much lately but always enjoy seeing your stunning works of art.
    Regards from Alberta,

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