Only a little sewing……..

I only got a few more loops unpicked on the bottom yesterday.  The next task is to sew the top strip to the bottom strip so that every final seam will be vertical, top to bottom in the quilt.  If you sew the top and bottom half separately, you will have one crosswise seam crossing all of those vertical seams and it tends to look a little ripply.   I prefer to have a nice flat top with all vertical seams.  
Two friends are coming over to sew today so the first thing I will do is work on is the African quilt, slicing the stratas for the piano key border.  Then I may start sewing a section of this quilt.

I had to hurry to get a photo of my pretty tree.  It just turned yellow a couple days ago and the leaves will be falling quickly.  This is a volunteer maple about 12-15 years old.


7 thoughts on “Only a little sewing……..

  1. I love the red/black/white with hints of yellow showing up. Definitely on my list! At the house up there, I have an orange, a yellow and a multicolor maple… they are such a surprise each year. I had to take a drive to see that many colors yesterday!

  2. Love the tree and was going to ask what a volunteer Maple is but I think I have learned from your blog that it is a tree that self planted via a seed blown on the wind? Volunteering is such a good thing and sounds organised and disciplined but these trees and plants are not in that category!

  3. It's nice to get a few volunteers in the yard that you want to keep!

    I would not have thought of that tip on sewing all the rows vertically instead of the top and bottom together. A good tip.

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