More fiber therapy…..

I didn’t sew at all yesterday, just petted some fabric.  This is another of Kaffe Fassett’s new fabrics for fall 2014.  I love the black background one.

The stripe will be a little trickier to work into a project but I had to have a little of it. All of the colors in this one are nice but red is my favorite followed by gray.


6 thoughts on “More fiber therapy…..

  1. Oh Yah ~ I agree with our favorite choices. They just jump off the screen. As I have grown older my color eye goes toward the more vibrant fabrics… Use to be all soft colors… Am I getting old or what ? (*._,*) Guess I better grab a red dress and purple hat.


  2. Unlike some people I know – both in my real life an my blogging life – I'm not a devoted Kaffe fan. I think his fabrics by and large are quite beautiful; but there are too many of them, they overwhelm me, and I can't begin to pick and choose between and among them when I see the shelves overflowing with saturated color. So I simply move on. The exception is when I happen to see a particular print that somebody has used or which somehow is featured or displayed separately,,and I happen to fall for it. Then I might go toothed shop,or on-line and purchase that same print.
    I actually very much like the stripes you have featured here and might just try to find them next time I go to my LQS (in Atlanta, where I just happen to be visiting!) she always buys every Kaffe print which comes out.

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