Drunkard’s Path Decision..or indecision………..

I sewed the top of the Drunkard’s Path together yesterday and then tested black binding (on the right) and black border (top left) but neither one spoke to me.

Then I tried a print border with a black background.  The print is also in two of the blocks.  I like this better but may audition a couple more fabrics.  This isn’t an outstanding quilt by any means but it is unique…no one else has this fabric collection and therefore there will never be another like it.  I’m linking to the “Cross the Drunkard’s Path” quiltalong – link button on my right sidebar.

The problem I had with comments not coming to my email box has been solved.  I think it was Comcast’s fault.  Since emails weren’t coming from my friend who also has Comcast I knew something was wrong.  She told me my emails to her were all in her spam folder.  I checked the Comcast webpage and I had 85 comments being held hostage in my spam folder.  After 3 days of this, things were back to normal.


22 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Path Decision..or indecision………..

  1. I like the print border, but also would like to see a thin inner border of a vivid color….just to keep the squares from bleeding into the border where the colors are close in value.

  2. This is looking so good and I love the fabrics! I have a small piece similar to the African Women in a small quilt, but they are just a bit different. This collection is so nice! The print border seems to speak to me.

  3. Ok, I'll be a different opinion. I like the solid black border. It puts the emphasis onto the quilt blocks. You could use an African print for the binding to highlight it.

  4. I took a peak at the other pieces in this Quilt Along, and yours by far 'steals the show'. I agree it is your outstanding fabrics.

    What about a narrow inner border of gold OR red OR green then the black print as shown ?


  5. “Outstanding” has to be a matter of taste! This quilt keeps me looking at it… so in my (easily distracted) mind, that puts it a lot closer to outstanding than you might think! It is rich in texture too, lots of variety. I also like the black background border and that some of the fabrics seem to bleed into it. Far more interesting than a second border that would stop that from happening. Your thought-processes as you work on this are helpful too!

  6. I like the look that you have in the last picture with mainly the print as a border with some plain black perhaps in opposite corners just to break up the print.

  7. I like the print border with a black sashing also. Yes this will be a unique quilt and there is nothing wrong with that. I have a couple of the fabrics in your quilt.


  8. I really like the idea of a print border for this quilt – maybe with a thin black stop border first? It is very unique – and really intriguing. I like it!

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