The new quilt………

This is what I did with the 8.5″ squares that I showed yesterday.  I decided it was so much fun slicing the blue and green blocks on this quilt that I wanted to do it again but slice as many times and wherever I wanted.  The fabrics are 95% Vicki Welsh hand dyes and 5% others that I have had in my stash a long time.  I cut all of the big squares from warm colors and the 1″ strips are a wild assortment from all of my scraps of hand dyed fabrics.  I will save this project to take to our next sew in the second Thursday in November.

Today I want to sew my Drunkard’s Path blocks together but I also need to get outside and cut down some more weeds and peonies in the gardens. 


18 thoughts on “The new quilt………

  1. Super blocks! Great colors! This is my question, when you add in the slice, how do you keep the background fabric and the added slice all lined up at the edge? When I sew the second side of the background fabric to the added slice, I have great difficulty having a even outside edge especially when the added slice is on an angle. I hope I explained ok.

  2. Love what you did to these blocks and I think it's wonderful how your mind just automatically decided to change the pattern as you did. This is going to make a great quilt.

  3. More fun! Love it. I've actually started a quilt like your blue/green one. Using purple and green fabrics, I've cut 7″ squares and then it inserting a 1 1/2″ wide contrasting strip from the same group of fabrics. I'll show when I have enough to start designing. I still have no idea how large I'll make it.

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