African quilt……

Here are the green strips that I am auditioning for another section of the piano key border.

The top looks a lot neater now that it is sewn together.  I will cut sections of the strip sets (see yesterday’s post) and figure out the order they will be sewn together today.

Yesterday none of my comments were forwarded to my email.  Did anyone else have that problem?  Is Blogger playing with us again?


19 thoughts on “African quilt……

  1. I love the look of this quilt. The use of the same zebra print throughout ties it all together nicely. As for the comment deal…I'm not a blogger, but virtually all the comments I post are getting kicked back to me now saying “failure to deliver” although my comments are appearing in the posts…just not going to the bloggers' emails. Started a few months back and now it's getting worse.

  2. Stunning green strips… This piece has been fun to watch progress. Gets better by the day.

    Blogger issue is no laughing matter. Even though I do not have a site I can sympathize with all that are experiencing issues.


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