I think this is my final layout of the African courthouse steps blocks.  The border audition: these are the sewn strip sets I had for a previous African quilt I was going to make.  There are 3 sets there, orange, blue and gold.  Each one is the full 45″ long so I can cut lots of sections out of them for a piano key type border.  I could make a green set too so I may audition that later today.  With just the blocks it would be 73″ long and 49″ wide so I thought about just putting borders on the sides for a better proportion.  I will know more after I get the ends and bottom sashing strips on.

The 4 blooms are on the ends of 2 leaves.  This is the first time I have had 2 blooms on more than one leaf at a time.


14 thoughts on “Layout………

  1. I'm so out of it that when I saw your CC bloom post the other day I thought “wow, that's really early” because I was still feeling like summer in my head. Now it's just timing me a panic attack about the holidays!

  2. Wanda, this quilt top looks as if it were glowing. These fabrics, and your gift of blending just the right colors, make this one of my favorite quilts in your collection, and I have looked through all you have posted on your website, by utilizing the lists on the sidebar of this blog. Your cactus plant is so pretty, and as the leaves fall, and the plants die off, they must be a welcome sight every time you walk past them. Have a good day.

  3. Your mastery of color is SO evident in this top . . . it glows and vibrates and pulses with energy!

    I have never met anyone who grows such gorgeous cacti – and I'm so glad you share the flowers with us!

  4. What a 'jubilant' quilt top ! It has such a autumn explosion of color. Love it !

    And talk about explosion of color ~ your cactus blossoms are just that also.


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