Stratas sewn………

I took all four sewn stratas after I had pressed them and laid them out to simulate the effect I will get on this quilt.

The next step was to sew the last seam that makes the strata into a tube.  I trim the selvages off to have a straight edge at the left.

Next I cut as many slices as I can get out of the strata.  I usually have to do another straightening cut when I am about half way across the strata.  The next step will be to unpick one seam in each of the tube slices.  I do this at the design wall where I can easily determine which seam to unpick.  

The pink cactus bloom is almost all open.  It seems to be a darker pink than last year.

This colorful tree is in my backyard neighbor’s front yard.  I used the zoom feature to shoot between the branches of my Redbud tree.



11 thoughts on “Stratas sewn………

  1. The four sewn strata are gorgeous!
    I especially love the lights and pinks you chose. I am looking forward to seeing this quilt emerge.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wow, it's going to be gorgeous! And I see now it's quite different from the way I made mine. Seeing how you are doing yours, and your amazing fabric choices which are so different from the very traditional ones I've almost exclusively seen otherwise, really inspires me to make another one myself.
    It'll take me a long time to figure out the fabric choices, and I'm pretty sure I won't do the strip ands circles like you do – like the Bargello quilts, but much more likely do it by hand or some other slow piece by piece method 😊.
    Thanks once again for your continuing inspiration. It was a good day when I discovered your blog!

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