Serious sewing…….

I needed a serious sewing project now that all of the good shows are back on TV.  I first chose fabrics for this Trip Around the World on this post back in 2012.  I changed a few of the fabrics a couple months ago.  I needed 4 stratas for the couch quilt size and I have 1 3/4 of them sewn.  Tonight there are 2 shows to watch so I should finish sewing all 4 by the time the news and weather is over.

The tree across the street is looking prettier every day.

This is the view to my right as I stand on my front porch.  The neighbor’s burning bush is a pretty deep pink and mine is a deep red.  There are still asters blooming.

The pink buds are starting to open on this cactus. 

There are only 5 days left to take advantage of the special sale on Lapel Sticks.  Go to this post and scroll to the bottom for the details.


12 thoughts on “Serious sewing…….

  1. One thing living in Africa- got past the watching TV just for a particular show!!! Even if they aired them in order, sometimes the time changed… and often no commercials (well maybe one or two at the half way point) so they ended at odd times… and the next program started right in at an odd start time!!! The very best part???? was no long commercial breaks every 10 minutes!

  2. Such unique fabrics! I listen to podcasts when I cut and or sew. I have not found anything good to watch on TV in years. I don't have cable and don't have the attention span to deal with commercials. I can get lost on the internet, though, looking for quilt ideas.

  3. The Aboriginal fabric is gorgeous! I have a few pieces in my stash that my brother bought in Australia for me for taking care of his house. I got started on my DP sew along. I am going to use flannel.

  4. The fabrics are going to make a unique quilt. My very first quilt was the Trip Around the World too. It turned out great, made in primary colors. Our trees are not turning as fast as yours, we are more south. My burning bush is only half red, trees are turning gold. All my flowers are still blooming as well as some unusual iris. I listen to audio books while I sew and sometimes just keep going on and on when I should stop because the book is so good.

  5. Once I stopped looking at the foliage I had to find out what a Trip Around the World quilt is! I went back and you have 52 entries under that title. I found an excellent PDF tutorial on Google, sadly not signed by whoever wrote it. Are any of your posts instructive? 52 is a lot to go through!

  6. Looks like great fabrics for the Trip – I can't see how many, but it looks like a lot. When you say you need 4 strata, does that mean you need 8 fabrics?
    What size squares do you use?
    I've only made one trip, and I used 8 fabrics, though I don't recall what size the blocks were.

  7. Beautiful fall colors, I miss them (moved from Iowa to Texas 40yrs ago) we just have green & brown lol. My Christmas Catus isn't even getting buds yet, last year it didn't bloom until 1st of Feb??

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