Matching pieces…….

I cut 7.5″ strips from some of the African fabrics and then matched some of the batik leftover shapes to the fabrics.  Now I know which shapes to cut from the African fabrics.

This African fabric isn’t printed straight so I decided not to cut a strip and just fussy cut my pieces straight with the print.

My pale pink cactus wants to be first to bloom again.  I had buds on 2 white ones when I brought them in but they fell off one and aren’t getting much bigger on the other one.  I have buds starting on the 2 tone pink and white one too.

The trees are still multicolor.  Not many have turned all the way and some haven’t started turning yet.


9 thoughts on “Matching pieces…….

  1. You are such an artist when it comes to color. I am such a conservative and can't see the combinations like you obviously can. I guess I need to open my eyes more. Thanks for showing us a different way to do things.

  2. The DP quilt is going to be so much fun. I am very much looking forward to following its progress.
    I'm surprised your trees haven't gotten further! They have come quite far in starting their change down here during the last week or so. It not only feels but also very much looks like fall now. I love this time of year, am so relieved to be rid of the heat and humidity of summer that I don't even worry about the coming winter – of course, it's not nearly as much to worry about here as it is up there where you are! – I just enjoy the cool clear fall. And, don't even mind the rain much.

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