A couple offers………..

I have been watching the  2014 RSC October blocks on several blogs that I read.  This month the colors are brown, black and gray.  I have heard several of the people say they don’t have these colors in their collections so I wondered if anybody is interested in buying fat 8ths of these colors.

I am offering 9 fat 8ths (9″ x 21″) in fabrics as shown in these 2 photos.  I can only make 6-8 packs in each of the 2 color groups so this is a limited offering.  The black fabric on the right is a double sided print, and old Gutcheon print from the 1980s.

I have some small pieces in this photo and the next one of which I will add a few into each package as a bonus.

 The mailing envelopes cost me 84 cents each.  I am offering 9 fat 8ths and the mailing envelope for $9.  Postage will be added to this. If anyone is interested in one or both, either comment or email me directly.  As of 10/14, I have one brown pack left if anyone is interested.  Shipping is $3.04.

A lot of people asked me where they could buy Lapel stick when I reviewed it here and here. Keith who created the Lapel Stick is offering
40 Sticks for $50 and shipping is included in North America.That is such a deal.  They would make great gifts for all of your quilting friends, and everyone needs at least two, one for quilting projects and one for the purse for wardrobe emergencies (hems, fly away collars, gaps).  Go here to purchase your Lapel Sticks.  This offer is only good through October 20, 2014.


10 thoughts on “A couple offers………..

  1. Those are some awesome bits of the colors… brown/gray/black… I have some, the collection is not extensive… but I have some. I guess everyone you know is getting Lapel sticks for Christmas!!!

  2. Somehow I was surprised when BROWNS were called out for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color . . . I use all shades, but they are generally NOT one of my go-to colors! Your offerings are beautiful — hope you get lots of takers (perhaps you should leave a comment over on Angela's blog so more of the RSC participants will come check out your fabrics?).

    Happy Saturday to you!

  3. Great fabrics… your quilters will be delighted. And thanks for the info on the Lapel sticks… I looked for them at Joann's after you introduced them to us. And of course no luck there.


  4. RSC, and there I was thinking it might be the “Returned Servicemen's Club” a bit like the RSA here in NZ, then I see it is a Rainbow Scrap Challenge? Love those shades you have, and what a bargain with the lapel stick. Cheers,Jean.

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