Triangles and stash……………

This time I took a photo of the stacks of 4 or 8 alike instead of a single layer.  There are 132 squares in this photo.  I made another 38 last night so I have 400 total done now.  I need at least another hundred before I will play with layouts.

When I saw this new Kaffe Fassett fabric (top row) on his website I had no idea it was a huge print compared to the old original print across the bottom.  It will be fun to cut into these new fabrics.

This is one of my favorites of Kaffe’s new prints for fall 2014.  I wasn’t too excited with it on the computer screen but when I saw it in person I loved it.


12 thoughts on “Triangles and stash……………

  1. Wanda, when new fabrics come into the shops, do you get some of every colourway? or limit yourself to just one? I can see with those glorious Kaffe ones, they would all end up in your basket. And so many triangles. lots of cutting there. Cheers, Jean

  2. I am so pleased to see the pics of the new fabrics – I placed an order last week and thanks for pointing out the difference in size, mine should be here any day now, so looking forward to seeing them!

  3. I was at the Hancock's of Paducah store this week and got into their remnant table. I very carefully looked for Kaffe Fasset fabric and bought tons of it in 1 yard or less pieces. There were a few prints I did not buy because I did not like them. I did buy 5 off the bolt too. They had 5 quilts hanging from the ceiling in his prints but not one made from his pattern books. It opened up my mind about which quilts can be made from his fabrics. I also learned how to pronounce his name correctly: Kaffe is pronounced 'Caff'. I am patiently waiting for your quilt with all the triangles to be shown.

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