Drunkard’s Path quiltalong………

Today I am linking up with the Drunkard’s Path quiltalong on Vicki Welsh’s blog.  I hope to have some progress by Friday to link again.  This is the leftovers and the templates from my previous Drunkard’s Path wallhanging.  The Drunkard’s Path link button is on my right sidebar and it will take you to Vicki’s post where you can check out all of the other links and see the variety that is being made.

I made this top in 2011 and haven’t quilted it yet.  It will hang in my living room when I finish it.  I don’t have the dies for my Studio cutter so I will be using the templates in the photo above again.

I pulled some of my African fabrics that I think will look good with those leftover batik pieces.

I will need a lot more variety in batiks in both lights and darks too.  I will shop my stash later today.

This quilt top was made by my friend Otis, one of the art quilters who gave me permission to use the photo.  He finished sewing it at my house Monday.  These DP blocks are 4″ and this piece is about 40″ square.  


11 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Path quiltalong………

  1. Maybe I should pull out all the leftover blocks from my daughter's quilt, Made with these templates you have and see if anything can be added to make a new one. Maybe I should link up also, although I can't imagine how to rescue these blocks I have!

  2. The fabrics are wonderful. I think the combination of the batiks and African fabrics will be stunning. I need to get going on my DP. I will be out of town on Friday so I will not be able to link up until Monday.

  3. I love the drunkards path pattern there are so many things you can do with it. I have made several over the years but I do not have any left in my house, love the colors you are using and the one you show by your fellow art quilter

  4. It is always a treat to catch up with your blog after being gone for a few days. From last Friday's DP through today's DP. From a bridesmaids dress, African fabrics to triangles . What a 'fun tour' I had this morning . And what a great design Otis did with his piece. Really like it.


  5. Do you know what your setting is going to be, or are you going to make a bunch of blocks and then play with them to find out how to put them together?
    I thought I could do the latter when I made my first DP quilt, but got hopelessly lost and ended up with a bunch of blocks and NO IDEA of how to put them together. So I had to get help from a more experienced friend who helped me come up with an actual design – quite orderly – which enabled me to calculate how many additional blocks I needed, in what color combinations etc.
    I think I could surely be a lot less restrained if I tried today and make something more like what you've made for your living room – which I like a lot.

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